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I want to do something Extra Ordinary. I want to go farther than I ever have and achieve more than I can imagine. I’ve been reading over the past few weeks of people who have achieved Extraordinary things. I watched last night as Angela Miller (Angie) sang and blew away the judges, the audience, and the competition on American Idol. It’s amazing that a single person can gain so much notoriety and fame in a short amount of time. I’m amazed with the number of people who can go out on a ball court or field and do things that are ESPN Top 10 worthy. People are capable of achieving the extraordinary.

I’ve read about and seen news about the Boston Marathon bombers. They achieved something extraordinary, just not in a good way. People al over the world do some horrific things that are quite extraordinary and not at all praise worthy. Apartheid, mass killings in Somalia, Hitler, world wide crime and poverty are all things that are extraordinary, or are they?

Very unusual or remarkable.
Unusually great.
uncommon – unusual – singular – remarkable – exceptional

These things are not at all very unusual. There isn’t a city I can think of where there aren’t homeless and broken people. There isn’t a country that doesn’t have crime at every level of it’s class system. (Yes we all live in a class system, even if it’s ignored) These things aren’t even always remarkable because we largely ignore them and pretend we don’t see the pain.


Live like Christ. He was the direct opposite of the culture around Him. I’ve realized just how much of the culture I’ve allowed in my life as I watch TV with my Baby Girl in the room. Do I want her to see all the crime scenes? Do I want those images to be common place in her mind? Do I want her to have a worldview that is Biblical or dictated by ratings? Christ is Life, the rest is details: was what my t-shirt said back in the day. I want Madelyn to Seek out the HOLY and not what culture tells her to seek out.

In a world where we are called intolerant for saying that sin is sin, I have a question: Is being intolerant bad? When you cut your hand or leg and it gets germs in it, don’t you want your body to be intolerant to infection? When you drop your child off at a daycare or school; don’t you want them to be intolerant when it comes to hiring sex offenders, or is it ok to just hire one? When someone tries to hurt your family, friends, loved ones, won’t you be intolerant and attempt to stop that?

I love the people of this planet. I believe that sin is going to kill people(Romans 3:23). Shouldn’t I be intolerant of that sin and do everything I can to help stop the infection in our society? I DON’T HAVE TO BE UNLOVING TO BE INTOLERANT!!! I’m not unloving when I stop someone from robbing you. I’m not unloving when I don’t hire a pedophile to work with children. I’m not unloving when I tell you that sin will take your life. In fact, it’s the only way I know to truly be extraordinary.