Why is my life a train wreck? In reality, it’s not that bad, but it could be.

Things are very uncertain right now with the Coronavirus on the move here in the United States and around the world. Moments like this have a way of raising our awareness of all the what ifs in life. What if my money doesn’t come in this month? What if I get sick? What if someone in my family gets sick? What if Disney+ crashes? If we live in the What Ifs we will see life as a Train Wreck. Here’s what I’ve been learning about myself.

  1. I hate debt. The fear of finances would be so much less if I had none. I am now highly motivated to get rid of all debt. It steals and destroys your finances.
  2. I use too much toilet paper. I’ve switched to using tissues to blow my nose instead of TP. It’s a few extra steps to solve a possible problem later.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much value you have to offer if people can’t see past their circumstance. You can offer free this and free that, but people can’t see past their circumstance to go after growth and there is so much out there that it causes shut down instead of buy in.
  4. Kids are way more resilient than we think.
  5. Worry isn’t a good thermometer. We make decisions about life based upon worry instead of reality and then the world runs out of toilet paper and eggs.
  6. I don’t work efficiently on a regular basis. I’ve found so many ways to connect with people that I wish I had connected with earlier, but was always waiting for a chance to get coffee or lunch.
  7. My mother is stubborn. If you know her, tell her to stay in and order groceries for pick up or delivery.
  8. God has placed inside of us what is needed for this moment in History. It’s our job to look for it and share it.

If we concentrate on the Worries and What Ifs then life looks like a train wreck. If we look outside our circumstances and look for ways to add value to others and to our own growth journeys then we’re going to win this crisis.

We are praying for you today.