So, I hate having to put stuff out there that says, this is our deadline and we’re sunk if we don’t meet it without giving a little (or a lot) of clarity. So, if you are at all interested in the process, here it is.

As a Nationally Appointed U.S. Missionary with the Assemblies of God I had to go through a process to sit here today. Lindsay and I each had to take multiple hundred question tests and fill out applications and learn to juggle while standing on our heads and balancing baby elephants on our feet. Ok, not all of that is true. The application was a little shorter. Anyway, I qualified for this national appointment, because I went to school and took some tests and was ordained with the Assemblies of God. All things that took years to accomplish. National appointment allows me to  have access to Speed the Light funds and BGMC funds at some point in the future and it allows me to have a reasonable salary to live on which includes some necessary benefits like insurance and retirement. Yes, I have to raise all of that as a part of my budget, but at least it is afforded to me.

Now that we have cleared that up, I have been given certain deadlines to hit certain percentages of my budget. I am supposed to be doing nothing but raising that budget until I reach 100%. Admittedly, I have probably done more on the ministry side of things than I should have which has slowed me down a bit, but has also just given me a greater passion to reach the schools here in Michigan.

Up until this year, U.S. Missionaries have had a much looser road to their 100%. I have had some even tell me that it won’t be a big deal and they haven’t ever hit 100% and they’ve been on the field for 7-8 years. Ok, so that gave me some preconceptions about how this whole thing would work. Well, U.S. Missions has decided (rightfully so) that they will not be taking a loose attitude with budgets anymore. The budget has been set, because we have a mission and this is the budget we need to most effectively succeed in our mission. I’m glad the change is here, just was hoping I’d maybe squeak by a little. I didn’t.


I received a call saying that if I did not reach 60% by the beginning of March I would have my National Appointment pulled and would be given Missionary Associate status. (This would cut my salary in half and take away all my benefits.) Missionary Associate status is not an option for us. We would have had to start sending out resumes to find employment. So, when I said I needed to reach my deadline I was actually serious. Due to some circumstances outside of anyone’s control the National Office gave me some grace because I had 2 large events still to attend and those would possibly help me reach that goal.

I did reach the goal and Praise God we are now on our way to the next goal. This one is a much shorter time period (September 1st to reach 75%), but if we reach this one we will be given a six month extension to complete the initial fundraising portion of our ministry.

So, the deadline was a hard and fast deadline with real consequences for not succeeding. I am grateful to the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions department for the grace they were able to afford me, and I pray that we won’t even come close to missing a deadline again.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We “got by with a little help from our friends.” and we appreciate that immensely. THANK YOU!!!