So, I misplace things very often.  I think, like most people, that almost every day I have to sit back and say, “Now where did I put that…?”  Maybe I’m the only one.  If so, then I’ll make a ton of money somehow by using this unique quirk of mine.

Lately, though, I’ve not been able to find certain things as quickly.  Here are some contributing factors.

  • We’ve moved from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apt. (with the tiniest kitchen on earth)
  • We’ve moved…boxes, boxes, boxes
  • I’m without a permanent type office so I pack up and carry everything with me almost everywhere I go
  • Constantly changing schedule has killed routine…healthy routine.
  • The “I have no clue!!!!” triangle…  It’s a lot like the Bermuda Triangle in the fact that there is just a whole lot of mystery involved.
  • Traveling and not having time to organize
Today I actually was mad and frustrated.  I remember using my iPod and my headphones (for my phone) but I can’t for the life of me figure out where they are.  It’s a tiny apartment, they can’t be too many places.  I FEEL LIKE I’M LOSING MY MIND!!!  It’s driving me crazy.   I have torn the place apart and even tried organizing things, but to no avail.
I think there may be just way too many things going on in my brain.  Fundraising, lack of fundraising, calendar events, speaking engagements, travelling, trying to stay healthy(but not feeling it), and most importantly my walk with God and my relationship with Lindsay.  It’s probably a good thing we don’t have kids yet, I can’t imagine that phone call…Sorry, Linds, I just don’t know where I put them; have you checked your backpack?
I know there is an end in sight, I just can’t see that far.  We haven’t gotten many new supporters lately and feel like I’m spinning my wheels a lot.  This economy has made it tough for people and that kinda maintains a monopoly on my thoughts.  I don’t know how many, “God will provide” comments this might get…and I know He will, but right now I am hoping for some victories soon.  Even a small one, like finding my iPod and headphones, or a huge one like Chris being healed would be awesome right now.
As far as budget goes, I have a lot more calling to do.  I have been able to help a few students since I’ve been up here, but I so desperately desire to get out there and do that full time.  I’m ready to start strategically planning how to bring hope to this young generation and be done fundraising.  There are so many students that need a different choice and they just can’t see that choice because no one has told them it’s there.  God please send people to send me to those students.  Please help me get there before they give up.