So, in my head I have this scenario.  I’m picturing a group of intelligent and commonsensical adults sitting outside on the back patio playing card or just roasting some marshmallows for s’mores.  I can almost hear the conversation as they each talk about their jobs and their kids and whatever else comes to mind.  They are all talking about how the Patriots were able to outgun the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI and how it was cool to see Brady set 3 records and Welker, Gronk and Ocho Cinco all get a record number of touchdowns and receptions.  (Hey, this scenario is in my head, so give me a break)

These people are all sharing stories about life and talking about their beliefs.  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever just hung out with people that you enjoy talking to and relaxing with?  I love that feeling.  I love those long days when you can relax without any worries or without any uneasiness.

Now picture that group of adults, remember they’re intelligent and commonsensical, hear an explosion of sorts and seeing smoke coming from inside the house.  First thing in their minds, “The kids are inside!”  They get up to run to the house, but the kids Buy Viagra come out covered with who knows what and all frazzled.  Once the parents have ensured the children haven’t been hurt, they proceed to figure out which child should get the punishment.

Now, all of this is pretty easy to imagine, right?  Now, here is what the kids say.  They claim that they did nothing to cause the explosion.  As they were sitting in the living room watching Monsters Inc. there appeared this ball of something that seemed to just grow and then exploded.  They did nothing, it just happened.

The parents are ready to call the papers right?  Of course not.  The parents will never believe that all of the sudden this explosion just happened in the living room and the kids had nothing to do with it.  It didn’t even come from the wall or tv, but just from the middle of the room.  The parents will punish all the kids for lying.  Remember, they are intelligent and not lacking in common sense and there is no way this just happened.

Now this same group of intelligent and full of sense people in their conversation before the “explosion without reason”, were talking about the origin of life.  Hmmmm….???  Maybe they should punish their science teachers for lying.