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Aug 16

One Thing Remains

Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, I was praying this morning. I love saying that. It makes me feel great knowing that I took some time in my Secret Place (Matthew 6:6) with my Creator. I wish I did so much more than I do.

Toward the end of my time with Him, I asked Him exactly what He wanted to say to Livingston First Assembly on Sunday. He gave me a scripture that I pulled up on my computer to research when I was finished. That in and of itself was awesome and amazing, but that’s not “the rest of the story”.

I had a song in my mind all morning and even from yesterday. I had thought about searching it on Spotify and it was the song listed on my iPod to play next, but I decided just to let things play on Spotify and not try to fabricate an emotion or experience because of a particular song. I’m not big on emotionalism in worship and prayer. I want real, and I know that doesn’t always happen because of emotions. I felt like God was being very clear to me on so many levels today so I was loving that just conversational connection with my Father, My Savior, and the Holy Spirit. I sometimes deny my emotions so as not to falsify an experience or have it be all about me. I had even turned the music all the way down so I wasn’t distracted Pokies.

I decided to turn the music back up and just worship for a little while before continuing my study. Within seconds the song One Thing Remains(the song I had been wanting to play all morning) ¬†started to play on Spotify. I couldn’t deny any emotions after that. It was like God was saying that He wanted to bless me and communicate with me on every level today. He has a way of enveloping me in His love. I felt this morning like He was wrapping me up and holding me. It was awesome. He explained to me that He wanted a very real relationship with me too, but this real relationship will be on every level if I will allow it to be. ¬†You have to go listen to the song to understand just what God was trying to say.

I can’t shut Him out on certain levels and expect that He will talk to me just on His terms. I think we do this with God a lot. I think we do it with each other too. I don’t have any complete answers and I don’t know if I can build any huge spiritual teachings out of this, but I know He spoke to me.

I don’t always share super personal times like this, but I just kinda felt like it today. Celebrate with me that God takes time to speak to the least of us. Truly humbled this morning.

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