So, you wouldn’t think it, but coming up with something to say on a regular basis has proven harder for me than I thought.  I’m pretty certain that people who know me well are now astonished and amazed.  I will say that Lindsay and I got a chance to go to The Big House the other day.  It was a very interesting/historical day.  Supposedly it’s the first time a Michigan Football game has ever been rained out.  The day started out very hot and uncomfortable.  The rain took away some of the heat, but then we were still uncomfortably wet.  The actualy game time was very cool to watch.  I’ve only ever seen HS or Evangel football from the stands.  It was pretty neat on the 50 yd line.  When I visited UT Austin I was down on the field by the end zone so it was a completely different experience.

Lane change.  As I spend my days connecting with people and seeking monthly support and finding churches that are willing to let me come speak, I find myself getting so focused on activity that I miss out on some solitudinal time with God.  God is the one who gave the call, so I need to get His input every step of the way.  I definitely don’t want to get too busy doing what I think should be done just to spin my wheels in what He wants to see me accomplish.  It’s like stopping and praying with that kid in Wal-Mart the other day.  I saw him at the mall later in the week and was able to talk to him a bit.  He said things were going much better.  Now, maybe I can build a relationship that allows me to speak into his life more.  He works at the mall so I should run into him from time to time.  I’m glad I listened that day, but have I missed other opportunities.  Yes, of course I have.  We all have.  I find that I miss more opportunity to minister when I miss the time where God can minister to me.  The worst is finding opportunity and knowing I would have more to give if I had taken the time myself to refuel in the morning.  Somehow God always comes through, but how nice would it have been to give something fresh.  When I spend the time in the morning to get something fresh from God, it always tastes better throughout the day when I have the chance to share it.  So, all of this being said…I’m going to go be alone for awhile.  God bless you today.