Missionaries work hard

Well, I knew that missions was going to be full of hard work, but I didn’t  expect that some of the stuff we do would put “ME” out of my comfort zone.  I don’t have any problem with contacting people and asking them ot give to a specific cause or to support a student who needs help going to camp or Fine Arts, but when the giving directly affects my personal salary it takes me out of my comfort zone.  There are things that I will have to do that I normally would not do such as be firm and direct with people where I would normally have just said, ok and moved on.  I’m also realizing that people don’t always follow a set of rules as much as they are led by emotions.  I knew these things, but I guess I didn’t expect them in certain arenas.

Here’s how those things have been resolved, at least in mind, and at least for the moment.  I believe in what Lindsay and I will be doing.  I believe that we will be able to effect change by bringing God’s message of hope, mercy, and love to a hurting and broken world.  I believe it so strongly, that I know that everyone who gets involved with this ministry; prayer partners, monthly supporters, workers, will be blessed by Him for their selflessness.  That being said, I’m asking for money, yes, but I know that God’s rewards for those who will help us do unto the least of these will be great so c’mon in the water’s great.

The second issue is resolved in this way:  God is God and I am not.  I won’t back down without saying what needs to be said anymore, but in the end only what I speak for Him will matter and be truly and lastingly effective.  He can stop the world and keep everyone on it, He can open a door that seems shut.  God is God.

So what have we learned today?  I know what I’ve learned and that is as long as I walk in a manner worthy of this calling with humility and gentleness and patience and most of all love (His Love) then no matter what else happens I can know that I have followed Him well and will finish the race.